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Hoof Prints Equine Jewelry

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Human Hair* Can human hair or cremains be used? YES! We can absolutely create a keepsake using human hair such a a lock of hair from babies first hair cut or a lost baby tooth. Cremains can also be used as well. Having dealt with the loss of a family member personally, we know how difficult it is and just how much it helps having a special piece made using either their hair or ashes. Please send an email to discuss options

How to collect hair:  The best way to cut hair, is from the bottom of the tail bone. Lift the tail, separate the longest hair, and cut the amount you need; it will not be visible that you cut any. Many small amounts can be taken, as opposed to one large piece. The longer you can get it the better. Secure it with an elastic and place in zipper top style bag. If you only have hair from a deceased horse, the above still applies. We need the diameter of your finger depending on style and all unused hair is returned

Washing:  We do not need the hair prepared in any way. Hair is always washed and sanitized before it is worked with. We need the diameter of your finger depending on style and as long as possible.

Mane hair:  If you only have mane hair, the designs you can choose from will be limited. PLEASE contact to see what designs are available for short hair.

Shipping hair:  When mailing the hair, please include a note with your name, address, style you like, and the actual length of the bracelet if not using an order form or ordering directly from the website. If you don't have a tape measure, cut a string the size you want your bracelet to be. (Make sure not to use a stretchy string) This is the best way to measure. You are also welcome to send beads and/or charms that you may want added (no extra charge) Please make sure you write all the details on the piece of paper you include with your order. Feel free to add a phone #, email, etc. Or click here to use our order form

Turnaround time:  The turnaround time varies, depending on work load. Most pieces will be ready to ship within 7-10 days.

Payment:  Payment is not required until work is completed. Payment is due before any items are shipped and within 7 days of completion of work, unless previously agreed upon. Payment plans are available. Deposits are required on all ring orders.  Any custom ordered rings, beads or hardware must be paid for in advance.

Shipping:  Regular post shipping in North America is is free. 2-3 day Expedited post shipping, with $100 insurance and tracking is available at a discounted price of $10.00 on orders under $100. All orders over $200 are automatically upgraded to Expedited post shipping at no extra charge.

Returns:  Returns are not accepted on custom orders. Repairs on defective clasps or other hardware are done free of charge . Returns on charms are limited to unused products only and a store credit will be given. We are here every day and happy to answer any questions. If you are not sure about something, please ask.

Mailing address is:

Hoof Prints Equine Jewelry

910 Okanagan Ave

Salmon Arm BC Canada

V1E 1H3

Braids and Pricing 

All braids include hair prep; washing, conditioning, sorting, as well as shipping.

Additional charms can be purchased for $2 and beads for $2

Please ask what braid can be done in which style. Hollow, Round, Half Round, Square and Twist braids can be done in almost any style (love knot, joined in the middle, 3 strand wrap, 2 strand infinity)

Necklaces (except round braid) start at $85

Round braid necklaces start at $65

Tassel Earrings start at $22 

Braided Earrings start at $30 ~Round braided - $30 ~ Hollow braided - $35.00 ~ Square braided $40

Tassel Pendants start at $20 

Braided Pendants start at $25 ~Round braided - $25 ~ Hollow braided - $32.50 ~ Square braided $40

Hat bands start at $125 ~Round braided - $105 ~ Hollow braided $125 ~ 12 strand Flat braided $150 ~ Square braided $180

Tassel Key Fobs start at $20 ~ 1 bead included, extra beads and/or charms available for $2.00 each

Braided Key Fobs start at $30 ~Round braided - $30 ~ Hollow braided - $35 ~ Square braided $45

Zipper Pulls start at $20 ~ 1 bead included, extra beads and/or charms available for $2.00 each

Bridle Charms start at $6

Shoo Fly's start at $35

Angels start at $15

Charms start at $6 ~ Charms/Beads may be purchased for $2.00 with any jewelry order

Sterling Silver .925 stamped, end caps, jump rings and lobster clasp are available on request, for additional pricing on these, please ask for a quote.

Square Braid $65 Additional Strands $35 

The square braid is a braid that is an actual square.

It is perfect for all bracelets or on its own.

Great option for both men and woman. Charms and beads are easily added. 

3 Strand Twist braid $50

Additional strands $15 3 strands of hair, twisted. Very unique look to it.

Great option for a more masculine look or for men.

Round braid $45 Additional strands $15

Most common braid used, very versatile yet strong.

Great for use in everything from key chains to hat bands!

6 Strand Hollow braid $65

6 strands of hair make up this braid, so unique yet still versatile. Works well for almost every style!

8 Strand Hollow braid $65 Additional strands $25 (This braid is the same as the 6 strand, but with 2 extra strands, woven, making it a very strong braid)

8 strands of hair make up this braid, so unique yet still versatile.

12 Strand Flat braid $75 Additional strands $35

12 strands of hair make up this beautiful flat braid. Very popular choice for hat bands, bracelets and bookmarks.

Great braid for the men.

12 Strand Flat braid with hearts $75 Additional strands $35

Same braid as the flat braid, except hearts can be added with either a different hair color or your choice of ribbon.

Spiral braid $70 Additional strands $35 This braid got it's name because of the spiral look it produces when braided.

Great option for almost anything since it is so versatile.

Flat Weave braid $45 Additional strands $15

This is a gorgeous braid, that is weaved and has a slight twist when braided.

It is similar to a flat braid.

Excellent braid for bracelets and key fobs

*Please ask about availability * Speciality Beads, Authentic Swarovski Crystal available on special order.

925 stamped Sterling Silver end caps, split rings and lobster clasp, available on special order $30 each

More braids coming soon! Please ask about our special pricing for children's pieces.
If you don't see a style you are looking for, just let us  know and we can create one together

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