Caring for your new jewelry 

You've just gotten your gorgeous new horsehair bracelet dirty after doing barn what?

Horse hair is one of the strongest textiles in the world and remember your new bracelet was once attached to the backside of your horse. Its okay if its gotten dirty! You certainly didn't do any harm to it all. 

The best part about horsehair jewelry is that it is durable enough to handle - riding, mucking stalls, lunging unruly youngsters on a spring morning and everything else that goes along with horses. 

Now if you happen to get your bracelet dirty, its very easy to make it look new again! Simply run your bracelet under warm water until all traces of dirt an debris are gone.

Alternatively, if you've really managed to cake it in dirt and mud (fresh ponies an spring mud!) just add a few drops of a mild dish washing detergent such as Dawn or Ivory to your hands and then once you have some bubbles, add your bracelet into the mix an gently swirl it around until the the water runs clear. Lay your bracelet to dry and it will look good as new!

Where should you not wear your new jewelry?

We don't recommend wearing your bracelet or ring while swimming, doing dishes or showering as over time the water/chemicals will slowly break down the adhesives used to hold your horse hair into the hardware.

Additionally, you should only wear your horse hair bracelet with other horse hair bracelets. Wearing next to a watch or a metal bracelet could damage the hairs. Rings can be worn next to other precious metal jewelry 

In the event that some hairs do get broken on your bracelet, simply take a pair of nail clippers and cut the hair as close as possible. It will then blend in and won't be noticeable.

Caring for your new ring 

Ring care is easy!

If your new ring gets dirty, simply wash your hands with a mild soap while wearing your ring. That's it! 

Now over time, your ring can get a build up that simple washing cant get rid of.

Its no biggie at all, it happens to all jewelry. With your horse hair ring, the woven hair can easily trap dirt and other undesirables from cleaning the barn and scrubbing buckets. 

We recommend giving your new ring an ultra sonic bath.

Now you can either take your ring into your favourite jewelry store and have them clean it for you or you can buy an ultrasonic bath online and clean all your precious jewelry.

Either option you pick, your beautiful jewelry will come out looking amazing! 

For everyday cleaning and polishing, we recommend a polishing cloth, again available from your favourite jewelry store. 

What not to do with your new ring -

don’t do dishes with your ring on

don't wear while swimming or going in a hot tub 

don’t soak in water

don't expose to chemicals 

try not to wear while doing labour intensive chores

Just remember that in the end, it is horse hair in your new ring and it will require some basic care 

If we missed any tips on caring for your jewelry or you have a question we haven't answered, feel free to contact us with any questions!

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